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we design and create exhibitions from the art world to the tech industry. we plan and execute events in fashion or business as well as develop and consult marketing concepts in digital or print. we provide the best possible impact for our clients and partners all over the world.


communication design concepts and execution for your brand, campaign or event are crucial for visibility. we provide support in-house or pair up with our highly qualified external partners.



we love to create, plan and build the perfect set, space or booth for your appearance at any event. from small corners to full rooms, one time usage or modular systems, we design to your needs while keeping sustainability in mind.


no matter if communicating internally in your company or reaching out to customers on the streets or social media - our marketing and consultancy concepts are tailored to your needs, brand and communication.


production and management of projects across the field is one of our biggest passions. connecting suppliers and providing the best network to realize the vision in its best possible way and beyond.


we plan and execute events in all sizes and fields. it all starts with a concept and ends with the last bag of trash out of the venue. our partners in tech, catering and co are usually chosen locally to provide best services and prices.


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